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Hard Plastic Repair: Flapping Bumper?

Have you ever driven down the highway and passed a car that had a piece of bumper barely hanging on, flapping wildly in the wind? Me too, and I get away from that car as fast as I can to avoid getting hit by the piece when it finally breaks free. If that is your car, you may be putting off fixing it because you think you have to buy a new bumper and it's more than you can afford right now. You may be right, but did you know that a lot of Collision Repair shops can repair your damaged bumper and other plastic parts for a reasonable cost? With more and more plastic parts being used on automobiles these days, it would be ridiculous to have to replace something every time it got a crack or gouge in it. Besides the repair being more affordable than you may think, it can be embarrassing and even dangerous to drive your car with loose parts Consider taking your car to an Auto Body Shop that is skilled in Hard Plastic Repair. You might be surprised at what they can fix and how affordable it can be.

Types of Hard Plastic Repair

There are many types of hard plastic repairs that can be done by your local Collision Repair shop, including:

•         Bumper dents, gouges, cracks and cuts

•         Broken tabs on glove boxes and other plastic parts

•         Deformities and scuff marks

•         Holes and punctures

Just ask them if they can make the repair.

How does an Auto Body Shop do Hard Plastic Repair

The first step that a skilled Collision Repair shop will do, is to identify the type of plastic your bumper is made of. It will be categorized as either thermoset or thermoplastic. This is important because there are different repair processes for each.

The majority of bumper covers are thermoplastic, which means that they can easily be repaired and manipulated with heat. They can be welded back together with a special airless welder and plastic filler rod. Another common repair practice is chemical bonding by the use of epoxy or glue.

Why should you have your car repaired at an Auto Body Shop?

The most obvious reason to have your car repaired professionally is because they have the specialized tools and knowledge to do the repair right, the first time. So if your bumper is flapping in the wind, make an appointment with your local auto body technician to see how affordable the repair can be.