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Computerized Color Matching Tools and Techniques for Car Repairs

Few people want to drive cars that have mismatched paint colors and other parts that stick out for all the wrong reasons. Even worse, matching the paint on a car that has an unusual color is even more difficult. Some classic cars are covered in paints that have been discontinued. Even so, any auto body shop can match paints exactly using computerized color matching tools and techniques.

What Is Computerized Color Matching?

This technique involves using a handheld spectrophotometer and specialized computer software to match new paint to the original paint color of your car. Spectrophotometry is the practice of measuring the reflection of light to determine an exact color shade and hue. This information is sent to the computer, analyzed and replicated to make the correct paint color.

When Do You Need It?

You need color matching if you need a collision repair on the exterior part of your car. There are different types of damages to consider. Your car does not need to be repainted to cover a dent since a paintless dent repair fixes that. But if you have the door replaced, have the paint on the new door blend in with the rest of the car.

Avoid Matching It Yourself

You need a computerized system to prevent a do-it-yourself disaster. You can buy paint to repaint the car yourself, but you cannot be 100% certain that the colors match. A computerized system is more equipped to match colors with the most precise accuracy.

Special Paints Are the Worst

Specialized paints are more difficult to match than others and prone to inaccuracy. These include metallic or luminescent paints, which may contain mica or aluminum elements, and show different colors when you view the car from different angles. In these cases, multi-angle spectrophotometers are used to measure light beams at different angles and combine the data for accurate readings. Some devices can be adjusted to measure higher-than-normal levels of reflectance for glossy paints.

Technology Has Improved Auto Repairs

Computerized automotive technology is now included in the work of today's collision repairs. Color matching is done with the most accurate precision than it was done 20 years ago. There are more selections of paint colors to choose from than there were 20 years ago. A few, common types of paint are:

·        Solid

·        Metallic

·        Pearlescent

·        Matte

However, the number of car accidents has not decreased. In reverse, the demand for flawless repairs has increased.

Find the Right Auto Repair Shop

The use of computerized color matching technology is now included in any collision repair. When you choose the right auto body shop, the results will be flawless and make the car look brand new again.